Dear Parents:

We can hardly wait to share our enthusiasm with you as we open the 2017-2018 school year, an “A” school once again! This distinction is not something we take for granted. We remain committed to high expectations for all students, providing an academically challenging program while offering a loving, nurturing environment that develops students’ social and emotional needs as well.

With this in mind, our theme this year is “At Vineland, iMatter!” This theme has been selected to focus on many of the core values of character education: kindness, cooperation, citizenship, fairness, integrity and respect. Research on community wellness has demonstrated how important it is for us to feel valued in order to add value. We need our entire school community engaged in the shared belief that every student matters, every staff member matters, and every parent matters.

This year’s Cambridge project serves to increase awareness, advocacy, and inclusivity for individual as well as community well-being. Our students feel it when they live out the values of kindness and generosity in their daily lives and work hard to achieve their goals. Our parents experience it when they sacrifice time, energy, and thought in their effort to support and encourage their children, both at home and at school. Our teachers practice it every day as they plan and execute a well-balanced program that will make a difference in the lives of this future generation.

It is the perfect amalgamation of this exceptional staff, phenomenal students, and supportive parents and community that makes Vineland the elite neighborhood school that it is.  Thank you for entrusting your children to us.  We look forward to working together with you to ensure the best educational experience available.


Cathy Krtausch